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Made with passion

In 1910, the vision of our founder Johann van Elten brought a breakthrough for safety footwear as we know it today: the first ELTEN safety shoe made of leather instead of wood.

Today we are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of quality safety and work shoes. With more than 310 employees, we produce approximately 2 million pairs of shoes each year.

This tradition, together with the personal dedication of every single employee, underpins our commitment to the protection and safety of the individual.


ELTEN safety shoes give the wearer a genuine feeling of safety. And  it’s an impression that is not misplaced: ELTEN footwear is not only made without compromise to the highest levels of quality, it is also designed to specifications, some of which go far beyond what is required by current standards regulations.

Perhaps it’s this consistently people-centred approach that makes our employees that bit more motivated, our manner that bit friendlier, our decision-making process that bit faster and our working methods that bit more flexible. It’s certainly one of  the reasons why ELTEN customers are that little bit happier with us. And we intend to use all our energies and all our personality to make sure it stays that way.

The management
Heiner van Elten and Jörg van Elten

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